"The point is not what we say we serve but what we are truly devoted to in our everyday existence:
What we give our energy, our passion, and our dreams to.
In short, what we allow to regulate our existence and resources.
Our material commitments will show us which master we love and which we hate: not what we confess in our poetry and prose." 

-peter rollins

We believe the church can be beautiful: a place of community where our faith comes alive. We aspire to live heaven now, loving god, loving others, and producing fruit, together. We draw from the rich history of Christianity and its traditions. We affirm the touchstone and trajectory of scripture. We acknowledge the mystery and humanity of scripture and we wrestle with it, to find the divine inside of its words and in our lives. We believe scripture, much like us, is an evolving thing with a narrative that is unfolding. Absolute truth exists but no one holds truth absolutely. Where doctrine divides we choose dialog, conversation, and relationship.


We try and place the human before ideology at Branches. Humanity > ideology. There are doctrinal issues and there are human issues. We don’t let doctrine trump the human. We are dedicated to creating a space and culture where everyone feels welcomed and affirmed regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender identity, physical ability or personal circumstances. You’re safe to be you here.


Simple is not always as comfortable as indulgent. We're okay with that. No smoke machines.


We try new things. Not just to be different, but to challenge, evolve and break us out of ruts.
Risky is sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s often our discomfort where we learn the most. We like to incorporate many voices from our community. In forum conversations. In creative expression. Pulpits aren’t typically seen as a place of risk. We like to challenge that notion.


We think it’s inspiring and fun to be radically generous. We don’t have a savings account.
We have a small staff, rent our building and do our best to keep the hard costs down. That way, when people have needs, we can help. We are doing our best to creatively redeem the way money is used in the church.


We can’t love God unless we love each other. Our hope is that we continue to become bigger in our love for each other, our love for humanity, and our love for the very big God who flows through and embraces everyone.


More practically speaking, our staff includes:

Mike Christie - Pastor
Lis Kraus - Kids

That's not a big staff for the needs we have which means we're slim and we need you to help out where you can.   

We also have a leadership team currently consisting of:

  • Dayna Coleman-Jones

  • Rob Deyo

  • Meredith Devey

  • Branden Hare

  • Teresa Norlin

  • Julia Champagne

  • Drew Lochead

  • Mark Baird

  • Kent and Linda McDonald

  • Aaron and Darcy McMurray

in practice

We are a diverse group of people with a broad array of beliefs, ideas, and biases. 

We are...