We meet on Sunday mornings at 10am at 1804 w. Broadway in Spokane, WA. (We share space with The Porch). 

We serve some good coffee and usually get moving around 10am. Sundays usually consist of some music, some teaching, some community, and who knows what else...

Childcare is provided for nursery and toddlers and kids (Kindergarten through 4th grade) get their own version of Sunday mornings. 


a little more about us, that might matter on a sunday...

We try to give radically which means we try keep our budget as low as possible by having a very small staff and using as many volunteers as we can so that we can give away as much as we can. 

We have music and messages most of the time. But sometimes we only sing and sometimes we have conversations and sometimes we write things on boards and sometimes we don’t say a word and let God speak in the silence and contemplation.

All of our music is played by volunteers which means our music is different every week because our volunteers are different. Some weeks you’ll love and some you won’t. Thank them for playing either way. 

It should go without saying but all people of every kind are equally a part of this community. Preaching, leading, playing music, cleaning bathrooms... there’s no these people are allowed to and these are not. We’re all in this together, as valuable and equal members of  humanity loved by, and soaked in, God.

We believe… all kinds of things because we are made up of a variety of people with a variety of backgrounds with a variety of thoughts with a variety of theologies with a variety of world views. We value that, maybe more than anything. God is big enough to handle all of our diversity. We also believe God doesn’t live in boxes. Sometimes, like this card, you have to twist and rotate and squint to learn or find a different perspective. 

We love the mystics. We value eastern perspective. That doesn’t mean anything weird except that we value Jesus’ voice more than any and we use words like silence, mystery, experience, and love, like he did. 

Someone once called Branches “rehab”. Rehabilitate means to “restore someone to health or normal life by training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.” Some religion is debilitating and addicting. 

The Bible is a mysterious, inspiring story of people and their experience with God. It’s soaked in culture and perspective and evolution and humanity. Our hope is that as we wrestle with its meaning we’re inspired to find our own stories and experiences with that same God rather than simply rely on the stories of others.

We believe… all kinds of things because we are made up of a variety of people with a variety of backgrounds, thoughts, theologies, and world views. We value that, maybe more than anything. We don’t believe God lives in a box or is a fan of them.   

This is never a competition with other churches (at least from our perspective). Branches is not for everyone and that’s okay. We do hope that everyone ends up at a place that inspires them, frees them, and is filled with grace and love.