Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering to help with music at Branches! 

In an effort to make this as positive and beautiful as possible, we want to be very upfront with how we view music at Branches, as well as make you aware of some of the logistical realities of performing at Branches. 


This is definitely the most tricky. As much as we would like to offer everyone the chance to play - or even hone their skills - we also have to reach a certain standard of skill. 

Skill can be subjective. We acknowledge this. (Any talent shows reveals this every week.) There might be disagreements on skill levels but we promise to be as honest and authentic as possible, on our end. 

In addition, our musicians do not have rehearsals apart from Sunday morning, which, sometimes means, a single practice and then playing. 


We currently have 4 leaders. These leaders rotate through Sundays and it's up to them to choose from the pool of musicians for any given Sunday. They try to mix it up but sometimes they have hard weeks too. They are all volunteers and we appreciate them immensely. If you are added to the pool and don't feel like you're being chosen, please let us know as kindly as possible. 


We strive to be creative because we believe we serve the most creative force on the planet. When worshiping that most creative force, also known as God, it seems odd if we bring mundane, run of the mill, lazy templates, right?  

We believe every human is stamped with creativity and inspiration. Let it out. Let it flow. Spend the extra energy to think creatively and be you... and sometimes that will be challenging to us in the best way possible.

Poetry, liturgy, silence, video, imagery, are all welcomed and practiced!  


We recognize that different people have different tastes. Rather than complain about it, we celebrate it. We value diverse styles, diverse instruments, diverse voices, because those diversities connect with diverse people. There are some Sundays that some people will not like. We're okay with that because there will be a Sunday coming that those same people will like and others will not. We value that... because....  


There is a reason that humans, throughout the history of civilization, have chosen to sing together. It's bonding. It's mutually submissive. We all sing the same basic melody, to the same basic rhythm to humble our own individual tastes to be a part of something bigger. Music may be one of the few forces on the planet with that kind of power, which is one of the reasons music has been around for so long. 


All music is emotionally manipulative. That's okay. Experiencing God is also an emotional experience and music can help us do that. This power can be abused, of course, but it can also be used to help us encounter the creative, emotional force of the universe. We hope to always be aware and use it wisely. There are times to rejoice and times to mourn, times to contemplate and times to cheer... we're okay being led into those times.  


Music is a sacred event. As participators and leaders please respect it, honor it, value it, and take it seriously. The goal is not self-promotion but promotion of Love, Community, and the God that dwells and flows through us as we sing and listen together. The goal is to disappear. The goal is not to lead a show but an experience.  The goal is to allow a diverse group of people, serving an immensely creative God, to worship and experience that God together in ways that rarely happen outside of a Sunday morning. 


We would love to hear you! And, before you even try out, we thank you for being vulnerable and risky! We have two auditions a year and our next audition will be October 8, 2017. As we near that date, we will send you more information on what you need for that audition. In the meantime, if you would like to participate in the event, please fill out the form below. 

Thank you! 

At the moment, our particular needs are for the following. Because we're committed to using our current team as much as possible, if you play an instrument not listed here, our need isn't as high right now. We'd love to hear/meet you; we also want to make sure you know what to expect. We love that you're interested in joining us! If you have questions about what these (or any other) positions entail, just let us know. 

Current needs: 

Sound technicians
Electric guitarists (w/ gear)
Male vocalists

Name *
Vocal, guitar, bass
Skill Level *
Let us know where you think you stand
I'm Available and Would Like to Play *
Select any/all that apply
If you've got something you feel like we should know, please tell us!

Safe, Simple, Risky, Giving, and Together.  

These words are words that we try to let define most of what we do, including music and worship. For more information on them, click here