Sept. 17 Ron and Barb Miller- ronbarmiller@comcoast.net


Sept. 24 Marissa Williams and Kalae Chock- Marissa.mwil@gmail.com; kalae.chock@khq.com


Oct. 1 Janice Leaf and Kalae Chock-jleaf@gmail.com; kalae.chock@khq.com


Oct. 8 Kari Cardon-Kari@cardonfamily.net 


Oct.15 Marissa Williams-Marissa.mwil@gmail.com


Oct. 22 Sarai Winger-sarai@wingerlandscapes.com


Oct. 29 Chris and Brenna Sloan-Chris.Sloan@2-harvest.org; cbeans5@gmail.com


Nov. 5 Janice Leaf-jleaf@gmail.com


Nov. 12 Ron and Barb Miller-ronbarmiller@comcast.net


Nov. 19 Marissa Williams-Marissa.mwil@gmail.com


Nov. 26 Chris and Brenna Sloan-Chris.Sloan@2-harvest.org; cbeans5@gmail.com-


Dec. 3 KC England-kc.england@comcast.net


Dec. 10 Ron and Barb Miller-ronbarmiller@comcast.net


Dec. 17 Janice Leaf-jleaf@gmail.com


Dec. 24 Chris and Brenna SloanChris.Sloan@2-harvest.org; cbeans5@gmail.com-



Vanessa Wheat- vanessa.wheat@gmail.com

Heather Brandt- hannbrandt@aol.com


*Duties include mainly arriving at 9:30am (bring your partner, kids, parents with you too if they’re willing to include their happy faces)

*Greet people at the front entrance starting at 9:50am with all the grace and warmth you can muster!

*Keep an eye out for people who may be first time visitors and need help knowing where to go.

*Stay at the front entrance during the beginning of the service for the late & new people and help them find seats.