Taste 6: Make Something New

Some of the weirdest food stories I have are those experiences with foods I never thought to eat but the ate. And it's not always a positive. 

Like the time I had a piece of octopus that was simply just boiled, still in tact with eye balls and suction cups and all. It was chewy. And tasted like pepper.  

But then there's the time I first had guacamole. I had been against it for the longest time. It was green. It was gooey. I wasn't about that at all. But now I love guacamole. I need it. I crave it. I want it NOW! 

Trying new foods is like life. It's a balance of being let down and disappointed, and experiencing something new and different and fantastic tasting. 

What can you try in the coming days that you've never tasted before? Try it and reflect on the experience.  

Mike Christie