Touch 5: Out of Touch

Have you ever heard someone use the term "out of touch?" It's something we call politicians or celebrities or friends we grew up with and moved away and came back acting like a know-it-all. We don't appreciate people who are out of touch.  

And then there's the term "in touch" or "keep in touch." A gentle urge to not become too much of the obverse of this, what we just discussed, "out of touch."

When we ask someone to stay in touch we are likely recognizing the possibility of change in relational dynamic because someone is moving on or two people are entering a situation which their relationship hasn't seen yet. 

So our sense of touch relates to a relational dynamic feeling healthy or in balance or equallibrius. Or feeling off or unstable or distant.  

Why is that? Is it becasue our sense of touch is the first sense? Or is it becasue touch is so intimately important? Why is it that someone who is "out of touch" is so off-putting? Is our sense of touch that intimately tied to our emotion? 

In the same sense, what have you become of of touch to that is actually beneficial? What are you remaining in touch with that is harmful? And lastly, are these things truly binary, or just "bad" or just "good" or can you shift your perspective?

Mike Christie