Smell 6: Anxious Anticipation

I've talked on here about smell being a form of anticipation. About how smelling a tasty food leads to salivation which leads to the longing for taste. 

Smell is all about what's to come. About what's next. 

It is Holy Week. And throughout my Christian upbringing I have had a lot of the same language used for the coming of Easter that I just described about smell. There's an anticipation tied to this season. 

We as Christians spiritually salivate for that hope filled Sunday we call Easter.  

But if I were in the shows of a disciple, or Jesus for that matter, at this part of the week around 2,000 years ago... I wouldn't be salivating out of excitement for what was to come.

I'd be terrified.  

Because the powers around me would be conspiring. You'd hear the whispers. The ones shedding light on the grim fact that soon, those who had been frustrated by this so called "way" would have their way  with Jesus. 

We approach Holy Week and Easter in affluent and privileged western society with a false sense of joyful anticipation. When really, if we want to truly know Jesus, our palms should be sweating this whole week.

Because at any moment our God could be killed. At any time we could be killed for being co-conspirators.  

You cant celebrate joy when the context that allowed for any joy to happen was first more and more frightening and suspenseful and terrifying with everyday that past.  

So, I challenge myself, and you too if you're willing, to not anticipate Easter. But instead anticipate what Jesus himself anticipated... that any day now, He, the Christ incarnate, would be sentenced to death and killed. 

Mike Christie