Taste 2: Manna Recipe

In Exodus, as the Jews wonder aimlessly in the dessert, YHVH sends them food in the form of manna. Which is a certain type of bread. 

There are two pieces of this story that we have to look at to really grasp the vastness of it.

First is a Hebrew word with three different interpretations. This word is ruach which means breath, wind, and spirit. The spirit of God in the Hebrew language is synonymous to forms of air?

Yes. It is. Keep that in mind.

Next, we have to look at the version of bread this story presents, manna. Manna requires wheat. And wheat is inherently physical. It's from the earth. Grounded. In order for manna to be manna the wheat has to interact with the air.

Manna requires the physical to interact with the spiritual.

And through doing that, food and nourishment and life for the masses can be had. Simply through the physical giving the spiritual space to help it become something more. Somehting life giving.

Which helps explain why Jesus said his body was bread to his disciples. He was the spiritual combining with the physical. And to add to the metaphor, he decided to rise and bring forth new life... 

Maybe lent wants us to get back to the basics. To let the physical make way for the spiritual.

Below is a manna recipe, maybe make some with some friends and family and talk about where the spiritual is trying to electrify the physical in your life. 

Click HERE for the recipe

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