Smell 1: Perception

Smell directly links itself with our salivary glands and our gag reflex. When we smell something, the body reacts by gagging or wanting. 

I've found that my experience with people is pretty similar. There are the people who see things the way that I do. Who are easy easy to talk to. Like the same political party or band or theologian that I do. I'm inclined to them like the smell of bacon...

And then you have those who are different... who seem "sketchy" or close-minded or uncomfortable. And I want nothing to do with them.

Awhile ago I cut up about 100 strawberries for a project. They actually smelled pretty vile. I thought they might be rotten so I tried a little taste. And it was exactly as a strawberry should be. Sweet and vibrant and electric.

Sometimes the way we perceive through smell doesn't tell the whole story. 

Maybe there's a lot more to what we chose to not engage with than we originally think.

Mike ChristieComment