Touch 1: Where We Begin

Touch is the beginning of the five senses. It's where it all starts when it comes to life. Pain and pleasure are the two basic principles that life first gets introduced to. Nerve endings shooting messages to a brain that has no other way of relating to the world than simply what a body is developing.

Imagine for a second having no other sense than your sense of touch. Your smell and taste and hearing and sight are all gone. Think about how vulnerable a position that is. You're totally at the mercy of your surroundings.

So when we say something is "touching" are we really saying that at the most basic human level of being it's moving? Think about that for a second. What are things in your life that have truly been touching? That have left you feeling an impact if for no other reason than a physical sensation happened? And how often do we make room for that? And where is it found? 

Touch is the most basic building block of all life. And the most emotional moments are the most touching. Find a way to feel touched this week. Try and shed all other distraction. Be the most basic part of your existence that you can be. 

What do you feel?  

Mike ChristieComment