Sight 5: Airports

I've been traveling today. I'm sitting in the Salt Lake City airport as I write this. My flight from Detroit to hear was bouncy. And now my flight from Salt Lake to Spokane has been delayed nearly three hours. Causing me to not get in until around 1:30am.  

Abd to build on the podcast I posted yesterday, the interesting thing is I've looked far more at my phone than my surrounding during this time. Even if literally every person I would see here is someone I've likely never seen before in my life. Every person a possible character for a story

or insight to be had.  

Yet I look at my phone and read a third article about the craziness of the Trump-Russia saga.  

What is it that makes us drawn to being disengaged? There are so many sights to be had here. So many sights to be had all around. Yet I find it so much easier to look at a screen about 5 inches long, 3 inches wide.  

Try looking up today instead of down. I'm going to go do that myself now. 

Mike Christie