Taste 5: Recipes

We talked a bit about this with manna, but ingredients are interesting. When you look at a recipe, there's multiple steps to get an end result. With cookies you need sugar and egg and vanilla extract and flour and probably more things...

Moving beyond cookies into the entre area of things, it's not uncommon to need 10-20 ingredients. Cheeses and spices and meets and veggies and herbs and oils.  

There are a lot of things that go into truly tasting the best type of foods.  

I gave you a manna recipe a couple weeks back. It had essentially two ingredients. But manna is very bland in taste.  

But then you take something like a chicken piccata recipe where you're working with lemon and capers and angel hair pasta and chicken seasoned a certain way and you're going to taste something with much more depth. 

The more we discover God, the more we can taste the intricacies of who God is. It doesn't mean one definition of God is better than the other, but it means these definitions should evolve and gain depth.  

The psalmist says "taste and see that I am lord" Taste is the most accessible metaphor for tasting God.

So maybe try to taste a wide variety of things this week. And, in turn, try and seek out some recipes for accessing God you may not have thought of before. 

Mike Christie