Touch 4: Screens

Typing this right now my fingers are touching a screen. I've touched a screen a lot through the day. Scrolling through news. Texting my fiancé. Looking up music.  

My sense of touch is the mechanism that allows me to explore the depths of the touch screen society we live in. My sense of touch is a tool leading to a whole other world of insight, language of love, and emotional tunes.  

Because of touching screens, I unlock so many more take aways from the world.  

But I never actually consciously think about the touch I feel when touching a touch screen. It's the middle man between thought and knowledge.

Which is the perfect image for what happens with our senses a lot of the time. They help us operate in a tunnel vision world. Going from one thing to the next.

But our senses long for our conscious participation day in and day out. Try and be conscious of some of the common places ways you use your senses today. How much more is going on than what we perceive to be going on when you do this? Is this it similar to the way of God? 

Mike Christie