Taste 4: Sweet and Salty

Have you ever been asked if you prefer sweet foods or salty foods? This is a difficult question. It's like asking if you like happy or sad films. It's not that sweet or salty are a preference, it's whatever surrounds them that leads to a preference between the two. 

If you want to be refreshed, you probably want something sweet. If you want something a bit more savory, you'll probably prefer something salty. 

These preferences aren't binary or set in stone, they are dependent on the circumstances of a bigger picture.  

Which tends to be how all five senses are. Their interaction is dependent on a bigger scope - which could be best described as a wholistic interaction with the world.  

Keep tabs of what you eat today. Not for calorie count but for how what you eat corresponds to the bigger scope of your mood at the time of your consuming. Are there any interesting connections between these two things? How is what we long for linked to how we feel in the moment of longing? 

Could this directly relate to what/how/why/when we project onto God? 

Mike Christie