Touch 3: What We Like

You know when you touch something and it's really soft or smooth or fluffy and it seems to put in you in a place of contentment and satisfaction and ease? And you know that feeling you get when you touch something rough or scratchy or corse and it leaves you feeling unsettled or irritated or unpleasant? 

Why is that? We all know that that's how our bodies react to different types of textures but why do they do that? Some studies actually point to a desire for soft touch to be a desire for safety and security. And that people in higher need of such things tend to have an even higher affinity for fabrics that feel this way. 

Think about the difference though that comes from the pleasant feeling of touching something willfully to being touched unwillfully. Even if the same type of thing or texture is touching us, our conscious choice tends to make the experience of touch a positive experience whereas our inability to choose can make it negative. 

How does this relate to what is presented to us in our daily lives? We like things that are easy and soft. And we like having control or being able to choose. What else might touch inform you of about yourself? Maybe touch a few different objects. How does your bodily response to how they feel relate in a bigger metaphoric state to how we feel about varying circumstances in our lives?

Mike ChristieComment