Smell 3: Memories

There's this type of body wash out there, I think it's by Old Spice, and every time I smell it I am immediately taken back to a condominium in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. It was my family's yearly vacation growing up. And that smell takes me there. 

There's also the distinct smell of my clothing after they've been washed in the washing machine of my parents house in Michigan. 

And then there's the smell of the person I love when I embrace them and the comfort that brings. 

Each one of these smells is not a result of the place, but a result of a single characteristics we attribute to a place. Our memories, when it comes to smell, are attributed to characteristics which then, in turn, speak to a broader reality.

Soap = Florida. Detergent = childhood home. Shampoo = comfort of a significant other.

How else is this reality true in our lives?

What small characteristic can leave an imprint on a bigger reality?

Is the way our sense of smell interacts with our memory getting at a bigger idea? Can things that we view as positive just because of one positive attribute attached to them be considered positive as a whole?

And in the same sense, can things we view as negative because of one vile attribute really fairly be characterized as negative as a whole?

There are multiple facets to every situation. Each facet a layer. And it's our responsibility to put each layer together to yield a fair representation of reality so we don't ever sell soemthing short.

Mike ChristieComment