Hear 1: Lovelier Other

Awhile back I stumbled across this band with a name that immediately struck me - Lovelier Other. 

Their name immediately struck me as a title for an understanding of God. And the more I began to listen to them, the more I began to see the themes of such a God running though their music, even if not explicitly. They have a song, Hidden Shelters, which opens with this verse -

What brings me back to this?

Is it something I need or something that I want?

Do you remember the feeling?

The feeling the line all starting to blur?


 And ends with this verse -


There is a river and you'll find it

you'll find it.

You'll find you're not wasting your life here

Your life here.

I want to find peace by that river

That river

Then I'll know my life isn't wasted

Isn't wasted.

Perhaps lent is the season where we start having our lines of how and who and what and where and why and when God is become a bit more blurred.

And at the end of this season, maybe what that allows for us is the ability to finally and truly find the river we've been searching for all along. A tough task, to be sure. But ultimately one that provides a place where we can softly rest our heads.

Mike ChristieComment