Reflect 3: About Time

We don't work for time. We work within time.

We cry within time. We laugh within time. We feel within time. 

We even use the expression "within time" when we are trying to encourage someone that something will happen. Which is rather ridiculous. Because of course that's the case. Something will indeed happen "within time" or within a span of 13.7 billion + infinity years. Yet how could that sentiment be comforting when time is so expansive? 

Saying something will happen within time mends nothing, it only adds uncertainty. In a similar sense, when we say we'll "make time" for something, we are claiming an impossibility becasue time can't be created or destroyed by a finite object like ourselves that is a byproduct of time itself. 

But what we can do is give time. Give a bit of the time we have been allotted in this life. And when seen within the context of what time really is, giving time to something or someone is perhaps the greatest sense of compassion or love we can show.  

So reflect. Where do you give your time? Is it of value? Should you give more or less? Should you? Where might be someplace new to give your time?  Can time heal all wounds if you are not giving time to focusing on those wounds?

Mike Christie