Hearing 3: A New Voice

We are literally never without sound. Even when you sleep, your ears are still taking in the vibrations of the world around you in the form of sound waves.  

You just chose not to hear it.  

But we all know this. We joke about selective hearing in relationships and how people only hear "what they want to hear."  

We have the capacity to hear and nit actually hear. Which is abundantly true even when we aren't asleep. Just look at how the narratives of our world today are so polarizing. One side takes one stance. Another another. And the battle for coherence is about as successful as fitting a left handed glove on your right hand.  

We don't like to hear certain things. We do like to hear others.

How can you selectively hear something different today?  

Because if we look at the Bible, time and time again it's the prophets, the ones who hear things most others would shut off, that propel the narrative forward. God's candor is never what one wants to hear.  

We want to hear an eye for an eye. God says turn the other cheek.  

We want to hear damn the Ninvites. God says they're loved.  

We want to say ban the refugees. God says the gates are always open.  

What are we choosing to selectively hear that may deafen us to what God is urgently wishing to relay?  


Mike Christie