Taste 1: Seeds

Have you ever tasted an apple? I'm assuming so. 

We are taught that they are healthy. We have tech giants named after them. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

We all know the drill when it comes to apples. 

But apple seeds have cyanide in them. Which can kill you. And so do cherry pits and peach pits and apricot pits and pear pits and more. 

So if you rush the process of some of the sweetest and naturally tasty foods out there by eating them before they become what they are to become... you actually end up consuming poison rather than the sweetness we associate with them. 


Lent is a time that requires us to slow down. To look at our lives. To expose. To replant. To go through the long and often difficult process of being in darkness to eventually come out back into the light. 

Every seed embraces the darkness to become the fruit it's intended to be.

What are some seeds you need to plant in your life? What are some things you might be rushing the process of? Some things that if you let go of, they may find new life?

A faith realization for a loved one?

A deal closing at your job?

Your next step in spiritual evolution?

Perhaps during this season we could let these things take the time they need rather than rushing their course. Making way for fruit rather than poison. 

It takes 10 to 12 years for an apple seed to become a tree that bears actual apples. On top of that, one apple seed from a specific type of apple, say a Gala, can become a completely different type of apple, such as a Fuji. 

There needs to be time to let things grow, but also time to let them become what they are to truly become rather than what we expect. The forty days of lent is minimal when compared to length of the process an apple goes through. But maybe it's a time we could learn a similar lesson. 

Taste the seed and ingest poison. Taste the apple and keep the doctor away.