4.3.19 Lent Cal

What if the whole earth were a choir of newness? New thought, new experience, new opportunity. What would you hear in that song? How would it be different than the tune that has been playing? How would it be similar?

3.20.19 Lent Cal

It’s the first day of spring! This song is a classic today — https://youtu.be/aozvTT0ydMk.

Listen to it. Rest with it. Meditate to it.

How can you come anew in this season like the trees, flowers and rest of the living things do? What does is mean for new life to form from the old? What does is mean for you to begin again?

3.13.19 Lent Cal

There’s a spiritual practice called centering prayer that seeks the presence of ones “inner room.” Centerring prayer is all about riding of distractions and often focuses on looking inward and discovering what rises.

Feel free to read more about it here.

This weeks words of who, what, why and when are mantras toward centering prayer. Today, focus on “where.” But not just where in general. Focus on the where of your “inner room.” When you are centered, where is it that you go? What does it look like to be ridded of distraction?