What is LadyFest?

In March 2016 we had the idea for a weekend of quiet, laughter, rest and good food. We prioritized low stress, low commitment, and low cost. We wanted to give Branches women a place to show up and not be asked to attend a dozen workshops, spill their guts, agree with us all the time or weave friendship bracelets. (Unless they wanted to, but hey—it wasn’t a requirement.)

We curated two nights of easy, restful and restorative time, clean eating, yoga, worship, coffee and incredibly quality community. We’re excited to do it again.

Our philosophy is that of rest, space and health. Most importantly, we hope to provide the avenue for you to be with one another without having to do anything you don’t feel like doing. Your time is precious. Your energy is precious. Maybe you just need a good night’s sleep. Bring your earplugs and we’ll keep the dinner bells to a minimum.

Bottom line: we know how much is asked of you and we’re not interested in piling on the activities. We simply want to be with you.


All ladies, high school age & up. Must you attend Branches? No way – all are welcome. Note to nursing mothers: babes 0-12 months are welcome and we’ve thought ahead to provide the space and accommodation you need.

when & where

May 19-21 @ Union Gospel Mission’s Tshimikain Creek Camp in Ford, WA. There are (7) 12-bed heated cabins w/ full bathrooms, dining hall, chapel (w/ radiant floors--WHAT!), a 16-bed lodge down the hill, and if weather allows, hiking trails and a waterfront + dock. 


$50 for the weekend or $30/night should you only be able to join for one. Our camp hosts are flexible and gracious – if you have a specific attendance request, please let us know.


High-level: there will be two general sessions, a 1-1/2 hour yoga class, worship, great meals and a whole lot of free time. You’re welcome to whatever you choose.

We’d really love to see you. Please join us.


The LadyFest Committee



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PAYMENT can be made at Branches, by cash/check/credit card. Please come find us by May 14th, in the lobby after church!