Branches | Kids Director



Practical. Responsibility for ages 0 - 6th grade and their involvement at Branches.
Risk. Out of the box. Branches-style ministry to kids.
Communicate. Volunteers. Parents. Kids.
Lead. Take initiative. Be vulnerable and courageous.  Own the Kids Program.
Learn. Listen, read, grow, evolve, as a person and pastor.



Kids are our responsibility for an hour/week. It’s not much but for that hour we treat them as our own. Create a relaxed, safe, clean, friendly, fun, and sacred sabbath space for kids to feel rest, feel love, and experience God.


Recruit. Train. Care. Organize. Schedule. Full responsibility for the volunteers and their efforts.


How do we ask questions? How do we find answers? Where is God? What is God? Help kids learn how to ask, seek, and knock every week. Communicate to parents what is being taught.


Tenderness, warmth, authenticity, courage and a listening ear. Extend care to parents. Extend a warm, and loving hand to those who need it.


Be creative with art projects, outside involvement, Sunday morning involvement, interaction with adults and each other. There is more than one way to experience God and learn about the Divine. Constantly search for ways to make that experience with God, more real, more tangible and more lived for kids and their families, and to spread those experiences to the larger church body.


1. Culture. Branches has a unique and specific culture. Why and how must be understood.
2. Strength. An innate desire and drive to work within, and to hold, the culture where needed.
3. Adaptability. The space, the job, the volunteers, the curriculum is fluid, Must flex.
4. Grace. In dealing with people, complaints, and issues.
5. Jesus. Love, grace, hope, empowerment, liberation, and optimism that Jesus brings should be  the driving force of everything.


Part-time Average 20 hours/week. $15/hour
Open until filled. 

90 day evaluation period 

Submit resume and cover letter (with references) to



About Us. 

Branches started in September of 2010. 
We range from 600 people (Easter) to 150 (early August). We average somewhere around 300. 
We lean young: Over 60% Millennials. About 25% Gen X.  About 10% Boomers and older. 
We are about 60% female.


We have five words that are important to us: Safe. Simple. Giving. Risky. Together. 

We believe...all kinds of things because we’re made up of a variety of people with a variety of backgrounds, thoughts, theologies, and world views. We value that, maybe more than anything. We don’t believe God lives in a box or is a fan of them.   

All people of every kind are equally a part of our community. Preaching, leading, playing music, cleaning bathrooms... there’s no “these people are allowed to and these are not”. We’re all in this together, as valuable and equal members of humanity loved by, and soaked in, God.

We generally think the Bible is a mysterious, inspiring story of people and their experiences with God. It’s soaked in culture and perspective and evolution and humanity. Our hope is that as we wrestle with its meaning, we are inspired to find our own stories and experiences with that same God, rather than simply rely on the stories of others.

We try to give radically. We rent our building on Sunday mornings. We keep our budget as low as possible by having a very small staff (currently 1 full time and 3 part time positions) and using as many volunteers as we can so that we can give away as much as we can. 

We have music and sermons most of the time. But sometimes we only sing and sometimes we have conversations and sometimes we write things on boards and sometimes we don’t say a word and let God speak in the silence and contemplation.

We realize Branches is not the place for everyone. But, we hope that everyone finds somewhere that inspires them, frees them, and is filled with grace and love.