Here is a glimpse into our joyful, restful and playful Sundays.

What is Twigs?

A service for kids 0 - 5th grade is provided during services at 10am on Sundays.

Rather than being a place where kids are asked to perform and achieve, Branches’ kids programs have been designed as a Sabbath space where kids can breathe, enjoy, observe, and just be. 
We worship through music, art, stories, and above all, through play. 
We recognize play as a sacred act, a reminder of the light that shines in the darkness. 
We work to build real relationships, relaxed, family-style community, and a safe place for kids to ask questions, encourage each other, and experience God together.
Kids may not get stars for memorizing verses, but they will get stars for having fun, resting, and experiencing God on a Sunday morning. 

For more information on our kids program email us.

We recognize that kids are sometimes dealing with a lot of life at once. If there is something you would like to make us aware of, in your kid's life, please let us know on the form below. This is anonymous and will only go to those who oversee the kids ministry. 

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