What do we mean when we say "clubs"? We mean a common interest to get people connected, develop trust, hear stories, and build relationships of some kind. 

Below are some of the clubs we're currently aware of and we'd encourage you to start one of your own! It may sound intimidating, but It really isn’t.

What do you like to do? Run? Bike? Paint? Hike? Sew? Brew? See movies? Make movies? Let us know and then lets open it up to some other people to who might like the same thing! 

And you have a club. 

Here are some tips.


Book Club - Every other Tuesday @ 6:30am - email leader

We Got Kids Club - Mondays - email leader

College Club - Random - College Facebook Page

Men and Beer Club - Last Thursday of the Month - email leader

Running Club - Wednesdays and Sundays - Facebook Page or click here.

Book Club for Moms - Every other Friday @10a - email leader




Go to Events! : Winterfest, 50 fest, Summer series, Meditation nights … we don't pack in too much but we definitely have some events! Check the calendar for a list. These are great places to meet people!

Help Out: Some of the best groups aren’t ones that sit around and talk. Volunteering is a great way to be a part of a group.  There are lots of ways to help: Brentwood partnership, Sunday mornings.

Show up and meet People!: This sounds obvious, but it’s easily forgotten. One of the best ways to be involved in Branches is to just show up and meet people. You would be amazed how many requests we get for involvement. Just come a bit early and stay a bit after the service and meet people! There are other people like you! Promise.

Need more direction than this? Specific ideas? Want to let people know about the group you are starting? Have a question?... shoot us an email