What do we mean when we say “groups”? We actually ask ourselves this question all the time. Mostly when we think “groups” we are really thinking about how to get people connected. How to get relationships started. Stories heard. That's what it’s all about, right?

Official Branches Groups: We don’t have any official groups. Not because we are lazy but because we are all different and need different things and different people, at different times in our lives. Groups represent this best when they are independent and natural. That sometimes makes things a little bit tougher for everyone. We won’t always have exact groups to plug you into. But here are some ideas...

Attend an Open Group!: Yeah, we have some groups that people at Branches are doing that you can just- go to! Shoot an email to the leader and let them know you are coming and they will get you details!

Branches Book Group - Every other Tuesday @ 6:30am at Branches. 

College Group! - Just starting. Check out the Facebook Group Page for more information. 

LGBT Group - Tuesday nights at 7p. Contact John Crowley for more information. Group meets at his house. 

We Have Kids Group - Random meetings (usually twice a month). Contact Tiffany for more information.  

College Fun Group (random fun stuffs) - meets randomly -

Go to Events! : Winterfest, 50 fest, Summer series, Meditation nights … we do stuff all the time! Check the calendar and actually come. These are great places to meet people!

Start a Group! : Ok, that sounds intimidating. But It really isn’t. Grab one or two friends and ask them to meet a couple times.  It’s easier than you think and less of a commitment than you think. Here’s how.

Help Out: Some of the best groups aren’t ones that sit around and talk. Volunteering is a great way to be a part of a group.  There are lots of ways to help: soup kitchen, Brentwood partnership, Sunday mornings.

Show up and meet People!: This sounds obvious, but it’s easily forgotten. One of the best ways to be involved in Branches is to just show up and meet people. You would be amazed how many request we get for involvement. Just come a bit early and stay a bit after the service and meet people! There are other people like you! Promise.

Need more direction than this? Specific ideas? Want to let people know about the group you are starting? Have a question?...