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Leith McHugh Sunday

  • Branches 14617 North Newport Highway Mead, WA, 99021 United States (map)

This is going to be cool! Leith McHugh will be in the house, sharing some of her story (a very powerful story) and generally rocking your world. Don't miss it! 

Leith is a lover of life—specifically, of dancing around, listening to loud, good tunes, “piddling” around her house, and boxed red wine. She is also a lover of hope—specifically, the kind that remains even after witnessingher  twelve-year-old daughters death,  who suffered every day of those years with challenges no human ought to face. Leith is a purveyor of brave, beautiful stories—her own, her daughter Hadley’s, her family’s, and also the unfolding story of life—and a woman determined to convince us that we’re all more alike than we’ve ever believed.