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Super Soul Happy Hour Funtime with Leith McHugh

We'll have some wine and cheese, coffee and desserts, and some conversation and hang-out with Leith and other people from Branches. 


Leith is a lover of life—specifically, of dancing around, listening to loud, good tunes, “piddling” around her house, and boxed red wine. She is also a lover of hope—specifically, the kind that remains even after witnessingher  twelve-year-old daughters death,  who suffered every day of those years with challenges no human ought to face. Leith is a purveyor of brave, beautiful stories—her own, her daughter Hadley’s, her family’s, and also the unfolding story of life—and a woman determined to convince us that we’re all more alike than we’ve ever believed. 

Earlier Event: October 18
Book Club
Later Event: October 23
Leith McHugh Sunday