the branches blog

We have a lot of really talented people at branches. and talented people need an outlet. and a good outlet for talented people is a blog.

so that's what we made.

below you'll find the five words that make up branches mission statement. feel free to read over those words and submit a piece of writing, poetry, song, audio clip, painting, etc about what that word means to you and we'll throw it up on the blog.

there's no limit here. feel free to make these as long or as short as you want. diversity and creativity are good friends.

all audio or visual submissions can be emailed to



Simple is not always as comfortable as indulgent. We're okay with that.


We try new things. Not just to be different, but to challenge, evolve and break us out of ruts.
Risky is sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s often our discomfort where we learn the most.


We think it’s inspiring and fun to be radically generous. We don’t have a savings account.
We have a small staff, rent our building and do our best to keep the hard costs down. That way, when people have needs, we can help.
We are doing our best to creatively redeem the way money is used in the church.


Branches is dedicated to creating a space and culture where everyone feels welcomed and affirmed
regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender identity, physical ability or personal circumstances.


We can’t love God unless we love each other.
Our hope is that we continue to become bigger in our love for each other, our love for humanity,
and our love for the very big God who embraces us all.