Facebook 'n' stuff

This Facebook thing just won't go away! Pffft. But, hey! We have a Facebook group and its actually a good way to hear from other people in our community. Join up! LINK


College People Having FUN!

Are you in College? Do you like fun? Join the College Fun Group for all of the good tymes! Contact Maegan McClanahan (mmcclanahan15@my.whitworth.edu) for more details!



Service of Stopping

Thursday November 20th @7pm.  Holiday season kickoff. Thanksgiving is next week. Crazy, right? It's going to go fast. This service will help you slow down.



Small groups are good for everyone. If you’d like to be in one, or lead one, shoot us an email and we’ll get you on the list. 

We've got some good stuff in the pipeline to help you if you're in a group or to help you get started so sign up now!