Meditation Night

September 25th @ 8pm. Come try some meditations. It will be cool. Promise.


Interested in helping out with the music team? Creative team? Kids? Coffee?  It's a pretty minimal time commitment and we'd love to have you share your talents and passions! Visit the volunteer ;page and let us know!


Branches has some of its youth events and also partners with Young Life and Wyld Life to provide Jr. and Sr. High aged students the opportunity for community and growth.

All events are listed on the calendar and leaders for area schools are listed here.

High School Group

September 28th, 4:30 at the Millers. 4601 East Pineglen Lane, 99021.

Facebook Group

This Facebook thing just won't go away! Pffft. But, hey! We have a Facebook group and its actually a good way to hear from other people in our community. Join up! LINK


Small groups are good for everyone. If you’d like to be in one, or lead one, shoot us an email and we’ll get you on the list. 

We've got some good stuff in the pipeline to help you if you're in a group or to help you get started so sign up now! 


Women's group happening all summer long. Check the calender for dates and details.